Essential oils for lyme disease

Lyme disease is treated (often poorly) with antibiotics, and even when it is (good) diagnosed. In addition, patients see treatment disappear, Tic Tox having been banished from France. But other combinations of essential oils

Canker sore on roof of mouth

Painful but harmless, canker sores are small ulcers of the mouth. On the tongue, gums, lips … they can make chewing difficult. But what are the causes of these mouth problems? Explanations Doctissimo. Spontaneously

Juice fast before and after

Fresh vegetables are naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, oxygen and phytonutrients (including pigments such as chlorophyll and carotenoids). Some also contain the full spectrum of essential amino acids (young shoots of

Reasons for loss of appetite – Lack of appetite

If temporary, loss of appetite has nothing to worry about. But after two weeks, better consult a doctor. What loss of appetite? Appetite is regulated by a complex system of receptors, watching the fall

Cold sore home remedies

What are the natural cold sore home remedies? Our grandmothers send you their tips and natural remedies to get rid of as soon as possible! Cold sore home remedies Tip # 1: Ice Cube At

Bad taste in mouth

It may have already happened to you to have a bad taste in both acid and bitter in the mouth in the morning on waking. What is it due? This happens more often than

Bad morning breath

This is not necessarily chewing gum chewing you keep your breath fresh! Toothpaste or tongue scraper, what methods are effective? Having bad breath is not inevitable. And because in most cases, halitosis is the