Plugged ear :Home remedies for clogged ears


You evil in the ears? Do not stay like that, see! The ear pain is sometimes so painful they actually tap on the nerves. But sometimes the ears are only bites, and there before seeing there are some natural remedies that can relieve ear pain and even make sure to evacuate the accumulated ear wax tubes, forming a plug in ear.

Plugged ear

We all produce earwax but some make more than others. Sometimes you have beautiful yawn, chew gum, you feel pressure in your ears. If this sensation occurs during a cold, there is a good chance it will disappear after a few days.  But if you do not feel better after this cooling, if your ears are clogged to the point of being general and suffer from deafness, dizziness or ringing should be consulted.

Unblock ears

With the help of a small pear, you inject, a few days away in the ear-Boiled water cooled mixed with hydrogen peroxide, directing the jet vigorously up and the back of the ear and possibly pulling the pinna in the same direction.

- An oil solution mixed with hot water and 3% peroxide may also soften the earwax. Leave for a few minutes.

- A few drops of alcohol and boric enter gently into the ear wick specially designed for this purpose (pharmacy) you also imbiberez boric alcohol. Do this for a few days now. Once the cap is soft rinse with a small pear filled with mineral water.Every night for a week, insert into the ear a cotton ball on which you have paid half a tablespoon of olive oil. In the morning, rinse with the juice of a lemon.

Blocked ears on the plane

To avoid clogged ears on the plane, you have to close your mouth, pinch your nose and blow hard or swallow. If after a trip by plane you have the ear and hear the noise inside the ear must see!

Painful ears after swimming

Protect your ears when you swim, especially if you are a candidate for earaches. If it happens, after bathing in the sea, the ear hurts, let flow within a few drops of alcohol at 70 °. With this, the ear will be well drained and well disinfected.